SAMMELSURIUM Trash-series – Punktgelaeut designer cards


Letterpress card, found object
(A6, blank verso)

Just a card is better than no letter.
Punktgeläut Motif Nº
46 / 47

Sammelsurium = omnium-gatherum

One man's trash is another man's treasure!
The world is full of treasures – which can be found anywhere. And while not all that glitters is gold, it is truly up to you to decide: is it trash, or maybe a treasure after all?

Each card is hand-made, bearing its own number. High qualitiy letterpress and a unique found object make this a very special greeting.

If you are interested in seeing further examples from my card manufacture please do not hesitate to contact me. Or visit this page again soon – new works will be posted regularly.

Matching high-qualitiy envelopes are available for all cards – just include them in your order (). Please note: Extra-postage may be required!