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Personalized cards

A6 recycling card with vintage metal (brass coloured) rivets

Just a card is better than no letter.

Never thought my ocd tendencies would be useful someday: I spent two days sorting these metal letters and am happy to announce there is a complete alphabet of beautiful letters and all numbers from 0-9 available for your personalized greetings!

There are three sizes: the smaller ones are about 10 mm high and suited for longer words, the medium ones (for initials etc.) measure 15 mm, the large ones 20mm.

Small type: 40 cents per letter/number

Medium type: 80 cents per letter/number

Large type: 1,20 cents per letter/number

Just click the -button and send us your desired text and you will receive your customized cards.

Please note: the vintage rivets may be tarnished or discoloured. You wish for a brushed surface, or have a special request? Just inquire, I am happy to help!

Matching kraft paper envelopes are available for these cards. Just include them when placing your order.